Our sleep is more fragile than we are

3 cameras, live-video, 3-channel synchronized video loops, synchronized wireless in-ear headset.
17:38 mins

Nighttime. An anthrophologist rehearses a speech for an audience. A woman in a bathroom is fighting her face’s traces of insomnia. A neuroscientist in a sleep laboratory is listenting to her patient’s cases on a dictaphone. All of them can be observed in a spatial cross-section. Three characters unified by the inevitable reference system of human being – the metre of sleeping and of being awake. Three opposing actions, each connected in a common purpose: being in search of a strategy to finally extract something beneficial of the significant amount of time one has to sleep in life.

Performance installation. Credits – Concept and Directing: Miriam Schmidtke, Actress: Anna-Maria Hadorn, Stage and Costume Design: Miriam Schmidtke, Video: Martin Hofmann, Cyprien Leduc, Technical Supervision: Cyprien Leduc, Lighting: Cyprien Leduc, Helping Hands Stage Design: Theresa Reiwer, Christina Chelaru, Lili Avar, Sebastian Neumann, Helping Hands Technics: Stefan Reineke, Julian Eric Christian, Speaker Epilogue: Alexander Schank.