Mediating two sides of an action in one space

2-channel 11:09 min video loop, 3x3x2,9m accessible cubic space, furniture, sound design, scent design.

The concept of the video installation Mediating two sides of an action in one space derives from the thesis that the acceleration of moving images in the art was resulting in a shift from the visible to the invisible. This takes part on two levels: The first is the very evident visual parameter because the medium of film forces darkness in the exhibition space in order to make itself visible. The second is the dimension of time. The increased presentation of video art in the curatorial context of an exhibition leads to the fact, that said works are unlikely being watched and perceived in their full circumference and lengths. Mediating two sides of an action in one space intervenes in this hypothesis and presents a parallel running shot/reverse shot with the two channels spatially set apart from each other. Consequently, the observer is always going to miss one action of the protagonist. The video installation becomes a speculative theory itself and anticipates the subject-object-relationship as a remarking comment.
The actress performs an activity that appears to be ritual: in a sterile, almost hostile space her contact with nourishment seem to be the only tactile moments. Hence the content questions another common method of the presentation of video art: the loop – which is critically transferred in the constructed artificial habitat of the protagonist. The static and observing view on her controlled movements – almost on the edge of being compulsive – also questions the prospect of self-optimizing one’s life.
The displayed spatial section of the filmic image can be experienced in the orginal narrative space on the cube’s inside, extending the connotation of a super artificial environment into the real space.
Due to the particular filmic requirements, the directing was especially focused on a choreographed repetition in time and space.

The installation was shown at the Video Lounge curated by Studiengang Kunst und Medien at University of the Art Berlin’s annual Rundgang in 2015.

The extracted 2-channel video installation was invited for CAMP/2 – Festival für künstlerischen Film und Performance at Burg Giebichenstein Halle and was a month-long feature in the Videodrama of Werkleitz Gesellschaft in December 2016.

Credits – Concept, Production & Director: Miriam Schmidtke, Actress: Sophie Bogdan, Camera & Production: Julian Brinkmann, Set Design & Costume: Miriam Schmidtke, Video Edit: Julian Brinkmann, Lighting: Mario Krause, Julian Schmitt, Sounddesign: Fabian Garrido/Rifts, Production Team/Helping Hands: Julian Eric Christian, Maja Dika, Nicolas Mayer, Jan-Christopher Pien, Stefan Reineke, Christoph Schuster, Yannick Spiess, Marc Trompetter, Nushin Yazdani. Sponsors and supporters: Modus Möbel, Minimum Einrichten, Molton Discount, Peters Art, Wostok Limonnade, Quartiermeister. Thank you!