100 Dinge

Ceiling design for the entrance hall of an residential building in Vienna, Austria.

The ceiling’s design for the lobby of this real estate – whichs fundamental main characteristic and unique feature is its concept of intercultural living – does not only force ornamental decoration onto the space but deduces its visual storytelling from a social and participatory approach. For finding forms and defining the visual content, future inhabitants were integrated and therefore emotionally involved in the design of their home. Before moving in a postcard on behalf of us artists was sent to all future inhabitants, asking them to mail us a term or association that they subjectively connect with their definition of ‚home‘. The responses were collected and each translated into an abstract pattern language that opens up different associations, e.g. of Oriental and Southwest Asian kelims, nineties 8-bit pixel art or old Math lesson’s sketches on checkered paper.
For the building’s opening ceremony a folded plan – resembling an astrological star map – was handed out to all inhabitants. It was enabling them to spot and track their personal abstracted icon on their new home’s ceiling.

A portrait on the unique social housing’s overall concept can be read here (in German).

Credits – Concept and icons in collaboration with Hans Lichtenwagner. Commissioned by the building’s architects: Froetscher Lichtenwagner Architekten Wien. Architecture photos: Hertha Hurnaus.